Gemini - Lamp fixture

Easy to use professional lamp fixture with manual switches.

Price: 100 €

Whom is this product recommended?

• who is planning to buy a terrarium or replace the old one,
• who needs one system,
• who wants esthetic and professional lighting for their pets,
• who desires simple manually switching lights,
• whom it is important to have appropriate lighting quality in the terrarium,

• for competent keepers who are not satisfied with "tile lighting" ...

... so anyone with a terrarium pet!

Why to choose this product? ... Gemini700

Do I need this product? What are its properties? Easy to use?


1. Lighting options

Down directed basking and reflector. Two types of UV sockets.

Thanks to the down directed sockets, most of the light and heat gets inside the terrarium. This also increases the efficiency compared to other products.

Lighting options (a possible setup):
1 basking light (E27 ceramic socket),
1 night light (E27 ceramic socket) - or ceramic infra heating,
1 UV light source (E27 compact or T5 55cm UV fluorescent tube).


2. Stylish design

Stainless metal case provides the base of the design.

High resistance powder coating covers the surface. These two solutions guarantee durable and outstanding quality. With its black painted surface, the fixture fits onto almost any interior design style. Due to the painting quality, fingerprints are also less visible and it is also easy to keep clean. Anti-slip silicone support helps to keep the lamp on the top of the terrarium. Optimized heat dissipation and air flow through the top cut-outs prevent overheating and also ensure continuous air exchange in the terrarium. By reducing the amount of ligths generated heat, lamps are less heat loaded.


3. Standard mains power cable

Standard C13 power connector (computer power cable) is located next to the switches.

This is one of the most common powering equipment solution. If it is connected, switches need to be switched on for lapms to operate. There is a separate switch for each lamp, so the combination of the lights can be variable as required (UV, basking, infra, night,...). Each lamp can be switched individually.
ALWAYS turn off all switches and disconnect mains from the connector before you replace any light, relocate the terrarium or clean the lamp!


4. Development and manufacturing

High quality, Hungarian development and production.

Customer Satisfaction and Support. Affordable price and high quality is guaranteed by fully Hungarian development and production. Thanks to your feedback, we are continuously improving our products and striving for customer satisfaction.


Gemini700 - Lamp fixture - Easy to use professional lamp fixture with manual switches.
This equipment is used for lighting terrariums and assuring pets to live with conditions closest to natural. Easy usage was the most important aspect of the lamp design. Manually-operated light sources can be operated individually. Optimized heat dissipation and ergonomic design are based on years of experience in terrarium construction. Black design fits well the terrarium, emphasizing its attraction. Thanking to its non-slip silicone support it will not fall off the top of the terrarium. It has down directed basking lamps and can be used for daytime and nighttime reptiles.

T5 tube (55cm) or E27 compact tube will provide the necessary UV, and 2pcs E27 ceramic sockets are ensuring any other light or heat source.
Light and heat sources:
Light and heat sources:

• E27 ceramic socket on the left (D) (max.100W)
eg. basking light

• E27 ceramic socket on the right (A) (max.100W)
eg. night lamp

1 UV light source
EITHER an E27 compact UV fluorescent lamp (B); (max.26W) ,
OR a T5 UV fluorescent tube (C); (55cm, max.24W) .

Connecting any UV light sources are optional, both sockets are included!

Light and heat sources are not included in the product
and can be purchased separately!

Main dimensions:
Gemini700 main dimensions