Azure - Fixture with Controller

Multifunctional digital controller integrated in a lamp fixture. It provides timing for lighting, humidification and regulation for temperature.

Price: 220 €

Whom is this product recommended?

• who is planning to buy a terrarium or replace the old one,
• who wants to avoid the jungle of cables and gadgets and wants a single system instead,
• who wants esthetic and professional lighting,
• who doesn't want to switch the lights manually,
• for those who need the right temperature and humidity in the terrarium,

• who has little time to constantly monitor the animal's living conditions ...

... so anyone with a terrarium pet!

Why to choose this product? ... Azure650

Do I need this product? What are its properties? Easy to use?


1. Easy to use

Automatic operation of the controller is provided after simple adjustment. It has a simple rotary knob and LCD.

The most important thing about a consumer product is its user-friendly design. The LCD of the controller was designed with this in mind. The rotary knob makes it very easy to set up. Automatic operation means repeating switch of the lights (on and off) heating control and humidification timing on daily basis. It can be used for both day and night reptiles, as day and night values can be set separately. The controller doesn't need to be re-set, in case of a powerbreak. Every defined value is stored. As soon as the power is back, the unit operates.


2. Easy to read display

Simple and understendable icons indicate when loads (lights, heating, humidification) are operating. Multilingual, transparent menu system. Language-independent basic screen.

It is also very important during useage all necessary information to be displayed on the screen. To do this, loads action is indicated by animated icons on a completely language-independent screen. An important element of everyday comfort is the adjustable brightness of the display. By pressing the rotary knob, all loads and their switching values, parameters can be set in the multilingual (Hungarian, English, German) menu system. If you change any setup, you can return to the basic screen, or after a few seconds (after the settings have been automatically saved), the unit will return to the animated basic screen.


3. Directed lighting

Down-directed light sources with menu settings.

Each of the four lamp sockets can be set via the On / Off menu. Thanks to the down directed lamp sockets, much of the light and heat gets inside the terrarium, increasing efficiency against other manufacturers designs. Anti-slip silicone support secures the lamp fixture on the top of the terrarium. Due to sensor monitoring, the controller automatically shuts the external heater off when main sensor malfunctions or disconnects. It prevents the terrarium from overheating in case of any sensor failure.


4. Stylish design

The stainless metal case provides the base of the design.

High resistance powder coating covers the surface. These two solutions guarantee durable and outstanding quality. With its black painted surface, the fixture fits onto almost any interior design style. Due to the properties of the painting, the fingerprint is also less visible and easy to keep clean.


5. Standard mains power cable

The standard C13 power connector (computer power cable) is located next to the main switch.

C13 connector is one of the most common used solution for power equipments. External heating and humidifying unit can also be connected to the standard mains sockets especially designed for this purpose. You can shut the power of the device down by the main switch. 

The previously set program will resume automatically after being restarted. There are two other sockets on the back. One is for external heating and the other for humidifying. Both are adjustable from the menu. The information plate on the product (on the back, at the main switch) shows which socket to connect the humidifier and which external heater to operate properly.

ALWAYS turn off all switches and disconnect the mains from the connector before replacing any light or making, relocation, terrarium or lamp cleaning!


6. Development and manufacturing

High quality, Hungarian development and production. Customer Satisfaction and Support.

Affordable price and high quality are guaranteed by the fully Hungarian development and production. Thanks to your feedback, we are continuously improving our products and striving for customer satisfaction.

What does “timed lighting” mean?


The rotary knob makes it easy to set the time of daylight and nightlight on and off in the multilingual menu.

What does “regulated heating” mean?


Basically this is the thermostat function. The temperature-humidity sensor connected to the device and measures the temperature and humidity in the terrarium. This sensor should be placed where we want to control and monitor these values.

Temperature control: the device maintains a constant, preset temperature.

The rotary knob can be used to easily set this temperature to the desired value.

What does “timed humidification” mean?


The temperature-humidity sensor connected to the device and measures the temperature and humidity in the terrarium. This sensor should be placed where you want to measure these values.

Humidity Control: the humidity is controlled by a timer. In the menu, you can set the start time and length of humidification as well as the repetition rate of the humidification cycle. This will create a humid environment for the animal.

Members of the Azure product family include a professional terrarium lighting and climate control unit.
This device is capable of lighting terrariums and automatically simulating natural living conditions for animals, which allows owners to leave their pet alone for days. Ease usage was one of the most important aspects of the design. The rotary knob and the menu system both make it easy to set the desired parameters. If necessary, the rotary knob should also be used for further settings. After adjustment, the controller will time the lighting and switch all the units connected to it: heating; humidification. Animated icons on the display indicate active loads (lights, heating, humidification,...), temperature and humidity of the connected sensor can also be monitored.
Light and heat sources:

• E27 ceramic socket on the left (B) (max.80W)
eg. basking bulb, night bulb, infra ceramic heater, infra ceramic bulb, heating bulb, etc.

• E27 ceramic socket on the right (A) (max.10W)
eg. LED bulb

T5 UV fluorescent tube (C) (55cm, max.24W)


external heating source with mains plug (D) max.400W )


external device with mains plug (E) max.400W )
(misting, dripper or rain)

Light and heat sources are not included in the product
and can be purchased separately!
Sensor properties:

• Humidity detection range: 0...99.9 % RH
• Humidity accuracy: ±3 % RH
• Humidity resolution: 0.1 % RH


• Temperature detection range: -40...+80 °C
• Temperature accuracy: ±0.5 °C
• Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C


• Cable length: 1m; 1,5m

Package contains 1 piece at time of purchase.
Main dimensions:
Azure650 main dimensions

Menu structure:
Menu structure