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Lanugo v2.0 dimming LED lighting
Dimmable LED lighting with high color fidelity and brightness.

Compact design that can be connected in series and can even be used for terrariums without a roof or aquariums.

Current price: 100 EUR

Gemini switchable lighting
Manually switchable luminaire suitable for illuminating terrariums.

It can be operated with three light sources using a T5 UV tube or a compact tube

Current price: 110 EUR

Azure controlled lighting
A control unit built into a luminaire that can timed lighting and humidification as well as control heating.

Out of stock.

Surveyor controller
Easy-to-adjust controller that includes lighting and humidity control as well as temperature control.

Out of stock.

Obverse controller for furniture terrarium
Control unit that can be built into a furniture terrarium, for individual terrariums.

It provides lighting and humidity control as well as heating control.

Out of stock.